Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • bradl
    Apr 23, 12:49 AM
    Trump, like Perot, didn't understand the fact that you couldn't run the government like it is a business. Sure, you can say that you are going to spend your own money for this or that, but for a lot of the things that is run, it takes Congress to agree on the appropriations for said government (read: pass a budget). Trump's money wouldn't do any good if it takes Congress to pass something to keep the government running, especially if they disagree on things and don't pass a budget.

    Trump has a great mind when it comes to Business, so he really should leave it at that. Government, he would fail at, as bad as Perot did. On the other hand, at least the First Daughter would be hawt.


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  • drlunanerd
    Oct 26, 01:50 PM
    Hmm, this could work in Apple's favour if, for example, the unthinkable happened and CS3 was released as Intel-only. It'd force a lot of pro users to upgrade their hardware to Intel Macs. Then again it could piss them all off into gradually abandoning the Mac platform and switching to PC.

    It's not a good precedent, but inevitable at some point. Surprising that it's happening already though.

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  • thatisme
    Mar 28, 05:38 PM
    I think you both just said exactly the same thing, so I'm not sure why Full of Win is arguing?

    If I shoot my 50mm 1.8 II through my 7d I am effectively multiplying the lenses focal length with the cameras crop factor to give the photographs field of view. ie 50x1.6=80.

    So focal length 50mm= field of view 80mm. (On a 1.6 crop)

    Allthough...This statement from thatisme 'So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens.' is false.

    You will, in fact, get two different Field of Views but the same Focal Length.

    Thanks for the correction, and good catch.

    So, for the OP, the difference between EF-sand EF lenses is that EF-S are lighter and cheaper and are tied to 1.6 sensor cameras. EF is more versatile since they work on all EF mount cameras (including EF-S). They can be very cheap or very expensive(and good) when you get into L series lenses.

    There is really no good reason to compare focal length or field of view between the two since construction wise, they are like apples and oranges.

    Where it becomes relevant, is when you have an EF lens, and you own different format cameras ( like I do). my 400mm 2.8 L IS lens is a true 400mm on my 5D mark II, and 520mm on my 1D mark IIn (1.3) and 640mm on my old 20D. I don't really care about the EF-S mount since it only applies to one of the 3 camera bodies.

    Is not true: a 50mm EF lens and a 50mm EF-s lens will have the same focal length and field of view on a crop camera.

    This is not correct.

    A EF-s 50 mm lens is 50 mm on a 1.6 camera. A 50mm EF lens on that same camera is similar in image to a 80mm EF-S lens. The reason for the difference comes into play by the amount of the lens the camera is using to record the image and the proximity of the rear element to the camera sensor.

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  • Telomar
    Sep 14, 12:08 AM
    Just a few details. I can verify the subject of the post is genuine and as far I recall it has been pretty well talked about by Intel and planned for some time. It certainly hasn't been kept secret.

    I would however be a touch surprised if it is called the PV. It really is very much an evolution of the PIV and nothing new.

    The 1MB Level 2 cache is expected it roughly doubles every fabrication generation improvement at the moment. AMD has already planned the same for the Hammer series. The faster FSB is also nothing new or surprising.

    The current PIV has ~55 million transistors though and a rough doubling over a fabrication generational change isn't unexpected.

    Really there's nothing new there that Intel hasn't had roadmapped since early 2002 and before.

    On the Apple side I have said this before and I will say it again. The G4 core has life. Improvements can be made to easily lift its performance substantially and there are things worth note coming :) Whether they will arrive on time is another matter and whether they will satisfy everybody I can't say but given people are rarely pleased I'd say probably not :p


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  • nylonsteel
    Apr 5, 09:27 AM
    ah - good ol woz - the funny aapl family uncle

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  • scaredpoet
    Dec 27, 11:29 PM
    By the way, the iPhone Blog has something a bit more rational and realistic (

    TechCrunch doesn’t seem to be having too much trouble finding them and simply suggests AT&T’s online system pulls from a different warehouse and seems to be out of stock in the area:
    So if you really want to buy an iPhone in New York City, go to an AT&T store, or an Apple Store. Or try Apple’s website. That seems to be taking orders for New York City residents just fine ( I got up to the checkout).
    TiPb contacted AT&T PR and got the following, which we’re grateful for given the holidays, the weekend, and the late hour, though it is a tad on the cryptic side:
    “We periodically modify our promotions and distribution channels.”

    It would appear that a little independent research will show that getting an iPhone in NYC is still very possible.

    And, the Consumerist has once again proven in a different story that panicky reporting can be bad (


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  • MikeTheC
    Nov 12, 08:18 PM
    If they told you what she was saying, then you still could not understand it.

    That was a stirring reply, Eastend. And while it's true that all answers are replies, not all replies are answers.

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  • guzhogi
    Jan 4, 10:13 AM
    IBoth methods have drawbacks: "Not always available" vs. "Not always current."
    Given that I've never had a problem with availability, I'm actually interested in an app that promises to stay current without my having to download maps manually ahead of time.

    I wonder why the 2 plans have to be mutually exclusive. Why not download the whole database when you get it, for when you might not get coverage. And then automatically update when you do have coverage. When going somewhere, give priority updating to the current route and then download everything else. Maybe allow current route to be updated with EDGE/3G while whole database updates require Wi-Fi. Just my 2�


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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 01:20 AM
    1680x1050 pixels in the 13" would be nice. Retina is preferable, but a bit too much to hope for... at least within the next 1.5 - 2 years

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  • robeddie
    Apr 21, 10:25 AM
    Apple never said they removed the BL KB because it is a luxury feature. In fact, none of us knows why Apple removed it.

    You right. But that's a very common theory here on these threads. I use that analogy to suggest how ridiculous that would be if Apple really did remove it to 'differentiate' the product lines.


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  • kd5jos
    Jun 19, 09:06 AM
    Does nobody realise that you have to support the exFAT format (from Microsoft, currently NOT supported on OS X, and has to be licensed by Microsoft) to be able to use more than 32 GB? (or the up to 2 TB). Otherwise if you format it with the old formats you are stuck on the same limits as you would with ad SDHC card..

    Sort of.

    Lets separate reading and writing exFAT. If I can read it, I can pull stuff off of it. So OS X will require the ability to read exFAT in order to make it compatible with non apple devices that will be using this format. HOWEVER, it is not required that Apple choose to read exFAT. You could format with HFS+. Then any device that can read HFS+ could read and write to it.

    If I can write to exFAT, then I can place data (even 4GB+ media files) on the card. Apple may create a driver that allows you to read exFAT but not write to it.

    This matters if you are going to use the card to store media files (4 GB+), or are planning on using the card with non Apple devices. I could get a 128 GB SDXC card, format 100 GB in FAT32 for a user directory, and format 3 8GB swap spaces (one for OS X, one for Windows, and one for Unix). Then I'd have my user files and swap space with me wherever I go, and it would be cross platform compatible (everyone reads and writes FAT32). Yes, FAT32 does have a maximum partition size, this is why I used a 128 GB SDXC card as the example. And yes, I wouldn't have my media files (movies) on the card (I'd need one of the 2 TB cards to do this).

    Since Pretec is selling an ExpressCard SDXC reader, this is what I plan to do with my triple boot MBP (see sig). I'll point my OS X user directory to the directory that will be on this card, I'll do the same for Win7, and BackTrack. Each OS will also have swap space on the card. This increases security too. If I have my SDXC card with me, someone using the laptop can't see my files at all. It also increases speed (maybe and a little) because I'm using a different storage device and bus to put my user files/swap space on.

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  • MacManiac1224
    Sep 13, 04:23 PM
    Can the G4 beat the Pentium 5? You are probably scratching your heads on this one. Yep, the Pentium 5 is very real, and it is coming soon. 2nd quarter of the Pentium 5 debuting at 3.2GHZ is going to come out. It will have 100 million transistors on it and it will be manufactured at .09 microns. Also, here is the doozy, it will have 1 mb of L2 on die cache, and it will support 333mhz bus speeds, with the addition of DDR, that is a possible 667mhz bus speeds. By the way, if you were wondering, the Pentium 4 has 42 million transistors.

    Now, for the G4: I am not sure how many transistors the G4 has, but I imagine it is way less then 100 million, or even 42 million, considering the P4 came out after the G4. Anyway, the cache on the G4 is higher on the high-end, 2mb of cache. But: the speed: 1.25Ghz? Can that really stand up to a P5 with 333mhz bus, and 3.2Ghz clock speeds? My opinion: most likely not.

    Let's be honest, the P4 basically can beat the G4 in most tasks today, so a new faster version of the P4, the P5 can easily beat the G4, most likely in 95-99% of all tasks.

    Ok, we have established that the G4 is, well, to slow against the P5, even though we don't know about it yet, I imagine it will be. Well, Apple just pulled the plug on OS 9 for January, what could this mean? I am not sure, only Steve knows. But Apple better come out with something that can at least compete with the Pentium 5, and it better come soon. I would not be surprised if Apple comes out with the G5 in January, just to say they were the first to have a generation 5 possessor, but I could be wrong.

    Ok, I made my case, now, what do you guys think? By the way: I got this information about the Pentium 5 from eWeek, so it is reputable.


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  • Am3822
    Sep 25, 10:24 AM
    Another event, yet another disappointment.

    edit: regarding things from the narrow perspective of the MBP update, obviously.

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  • Takuta-Nui
    Mar 20, 03:48 PM
    This gave me the idea of a combined AppleCare plan. Since Apple is pitching their mobile computing products in three major categories: iPhone, iPad, and MacBook - it would be really cool to offer a combined AC plan for two or all three categories.

    Like I have a iPhone and a MacBook - wouldn't it be neat to be able to buy a hybrid plan that would be about $20 to $30 cheaper than buying them individually?


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  • Lord Blackadder
    Sep 13, 07:54 AM
    I had general anesthesia once, when I had my wisdom teeth out.

    I passed out while they were putting in the IV - I was a little nervous, but I didn't feel too nervous until all the sudden I was on my back with the nurse calling my name. Then I was a bit embarrassed. (My mother is an RN in that very OR, so the doctor and staff were all hand picked by her, as a favor. She teased me about how I gave them all a fright by passing out, since they knew my mother would flip if anything untoward happened).

    When they actually had me in the OR the doctor said, "OK, I'm going to give you the anesthesia now". I felt an ever so slight burning in my arm, and thought "Hmm, I wonder how long it will ta----". Out. Then I woke up in the recovery room. I was a little out of it, I certainly couldn't drive or anything.

    I'm Catholic, but I imagine that if you don't believe in an afterlife dying is just like getting anaestesia; boom, you're out, that's it.

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  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 06:29 AM
    I didn't say on different cameras. I said different lenses on the same, crop, camera.

    Look. I own a 7D. I own an EF-s 17-85mm IS USM. I own a EF 50mm prime. I know that if I set the zoom to 50mm and take the same shot as with the prime exact same field of view. EF-s lenses are not corrected for the crop in the way you are saying they are.

    I'll say it again. You are incorrect.

    See this exerpt from read the underlined section carefully.

    What affect does the FOVCF have on lenses? None - physically. The lenses are the same and retain all of their same physical attributes. But, there are some differences in how these lenses are used that should be mentioned ...
    First, most lenses produce the highest quality image from near the center of their image circles. Distortion, softness (opposite of sharpness), vignetting ... These issues often show up in the outside portion of the image circle. Since the FOVCF DSLRs utilize only the center portion of a Canon EF Lens, they often avoid a lens' weaknesses. I say "Canon EF Lens" because Canon EF-S Lenses are made specifically for the 1.6x FOVCF DSLR bodies (but still require the same FOVCF to be applied as the standard Canon EF Lenses to get the equivalent focal length comparison). EF Lens hoods are designed for full-frame bodies.


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    Nov 18, 11:29 PM
    May have already been said, but seriously...$279 just to have a white iPhone? I paid $199 for my phone with a new contract...sheesh.

    Nothing wrong with the black iPhone. Just seems a bit much to my dirty peasant mind. :(

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  • sk58781111
    Oct 7, 10:47 AM
    3.5" was great in 2007 but not anymore. Apple needs to make a 4.2" iPhone ;)

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  • digitalbiker
    Sep 1, 05:00 PM
    I'm hoping one of the super secret features is a completely reworked Finder.

    I agree Finder is slower than a snail. Many Mac fans live in denial about the s-l--o--w f----i-----n-------d--------e----r but it is a joke compared to XP. I love OS X and it would be easy to impress others with it's elegance if it weren't for the S-L--O---W F----I-----N------D-------E--------R.

    Great! The pop-up menu on my documents folder in the dock just opened. Bye Bye.

    Mar 14, 08:57 AM
    I'm picking up a g4 mini in the next couple of days that has been completely wiped clean.
    I don't have any sort of monitor at home and was looking at hooking it up to my Panasonic plasma to set it up from scratch using a DVI - HDMI cable.
    Will I actually be able to see anythiing without having an OS already installed or is it going to be a pointless exercise?

    Apr 8, 04:53 PM
    depends. This shut down I blame 70% on GOP an 30% on the dems.
    Reason Dem hold 30% is they screwed up by not getting a budget passed in 2010 when they controlled everything.

    And to think in 3-4 months we will see yet a new budget fight happen for 2012 budget.

    Before that we have the debt ceiling limit vote. If they don't vote to raise it, I shudder to think what will happen on the stock market.

    Mar 28, 08:17 AM
    Better late than never.

    Now, if you could just please announce how far away new minis are...

    Apr 30, 05:23 PM
    So, I picked one up the other day. Trying to find the "sweet spot" is really annoying. I'm assuming your supposed to keep adjusting the 3DS and your head until you don't see two images anymore, and that's the so-called sweet spot?

    Honestly, I don't really see that much of a difference. There's a little more depth to with 3D effect (but it's not in your face like a 3D ride at Disney World or like Avatar where stuff was floating in the air). The AR games are neat except they require a cardboard card (Really Nintendo? Wasn't this idea a huge failure with Animal Crossing e-Reader on the GameCube?)

    Pilotwings is also pretty terrible. I can't wait for the Virtual Console to launch. I'm glad Super Mario Land will be a launch title. Hopefully, Nintendo will iron out the 3DS kinks in time.

    Mar 1, 01:58 PM
    Just looking at the ''Server Admin' screenshots posted, i noticed that in the list of Services, both AFP and NFS are missing. Is File Sharing managed somewhere else in Lion?

    youre right! uh oh. will have to investigate when i get to work.

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