Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • citi
    Apr 5, 11:48 AM
    Originally Posted by Mattsasa
    I don't think apple would go 128gb now.. There launching cloud soon, which is the future.

    How is "cloud" the future if bandwidth is still limited and not available everywhere? Cloud = server, This rebranding needs to stop.

    Plus, it's an ipod touch. It doesn't have cell service so it would still require local storage.

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  • bizzle
    Apr 8, 08:33 PM
    But another unit is just what the 'system' requires of Sally, poor girl.

    You could do with a crash course in Economics, not that I agree with what they are trying to achieve.

    I am not saying no one should produce children. I am just saying its not the job of the government to make sure people are only cranking out units when they are "ready". Its called personal responsibility. If you get knocked up, deal with it. It's usually your own fault. Maybe your parents should have taught you to keep your pants on. It's not up the the government to teach you these things.

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 26, 12:40 PM
    Why not just have high fuel taxes ala Europe?

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  • bobber205
    Apr 9, 10:09 PM
    The point of PP seems to be to get rid of the consequences

    PP offers a too easy fix to people's indiscretion

    Do a basic examination of # of abortions each year vs how many people visit PP each year.

    Let's get that ratio first from you. That's not even considering PP doesn't do every single abortion.


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  • gregdeeg
    May 2, 11:36 PM
    I just activated my first iPhone (white) a few hours ago on VZW. The clear Incase Snap Case I bought for it a week ahead of time DOES NOT matter how hard I try. It seems the white lip is bigger than the black lip, and this is the part the snap case secures to. Anyone else find this?

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  • topgunn
    Sep 27, 11:18 AM
    I think you probably should have gotten a machine with a graphics card if you wanted to play 3d games.
    bdj21ya, meet sarcasm. Sarcasm, bdj21ya.


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  • davidjearly
    Dec 18, 10:39 AM
    ^ oh well, you disprove.

    I along with hundreds of thousands of others don't think it's such an awfully "sad" thing to do spending 10 seconds of our day purchasing a track that may very well give us all a good chuckle over Christmas.

    Oh I guess you must be right then. :rolleyes:

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  • CWallace
    Apr 5, 08:55 PM
    Apple should've held out on the refresh to include USB 3 and even HDMI. Thunderbolt is currently useless.

    DisplayPort to HDMI cables that support both audio and video are quite inexpensive from many online sources. I use one from my iMac to my 40" LCD TV and the DP port takes up a good bit less space than an HDMI port would (which can be important for a portable device).


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  • AppleMc
    Mar 11, 11:19 AM
    My parents just got there, my mom is awesome (swap out with her once I get there).

    That's awesome! I can't even talk my husband into waiting for me until 3:30.

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  • rdlink
    Jul 20, 08:34 PM
    at&t will know what your doing at all times:eek:


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  • Cynicalone
    Apr 19, 09:55 AM
    iOS Expose could be an improvement to multitasking, maybe they need to wait for the A5 to have the power to make it work.

    64GB should have happened a long time ago imo.

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  • itcheroni
    Apr 3, 07:37 PM
    The article states that tax cuts have not worked. They seem to be basing that claim on the fact that the states have not seen improvement in their economies after the tax cuts. That is not the correct metric with which to judge the effectiveness of any policy. The question should be whether the economy would have been even worse without the tax cuts. The article does not address this.

    I've lived virtually my whole life in California and have no clue what you're talking about.

    Perhaps you can source that.

    As for balance, I'm a big believer in it. In my opinion an "balanced" solution includes tax increases as well as government cuts. Unfortunately, the republicans have fought tooth and nail against tax increases and have tried to balance a 26 billion dollar deficit with cuts. If only they embraced the notion of "balance". :rolleyes:

    I believe California has one of the highest income tax rates at over 9% for people making over mid-40k. And California has one of the highest sales tax, at 9.75% where I am. And despite this, California has one of the worst budget deficits and some of the most regulations.

    Coincidentally, I've been toying with moving to either Washington or Texas and I've finally decided that it's time. For the cost of taxes in California, I could pay my rent in Washington or Texas for the entire year. And I can't think of one thing the California state government provides that the Washington state government doesn't that I would really miss.


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  • rdsaunders
    Oct 24, 08:23 AM
    So whats the plan, are we all going to wear name badges or something or shall I just wave a welsh flag!, of course if I do that in London i'll probably be ambushed...

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  • SRSound
    Oct 16, 10:35 PM
    One model is expected to be a "smart phone" with integrated keyboard, video and music capabilities...

    YESSSSS please come out with an Apple iPod+PDA+Cell w/ QWERTY device - i would buy this in a second!


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  • yoshi31
    Sep 26, 01:53 AM
    The only thing that I'm skeptical about this whole thing is that the actual cease and desist letter has not been published. All we have are a few people claiming that Apple has slapped them with a letter and the "poor us" act. Once I see the letter I'll be more apt to believe these claims, until then I think that they are just trying to drum up hits on their sites...

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  • Earendil
    Oct 9, 03:42 PM
    Just what can Target say? "If you allow Apple do do something that might cut into out DVD sales we will intentionally sell fewer DVD" Kind of like holding a gun to your head threatening to shoot.

    Well, the idea being that if Wal-mart (reported to be selling 40% of all DVDs in the US) and Target suddenly pull out of the DVD business, that would be a 40+% hit in DVD revenue, to which I don't think Apple could possibly pick up, nor would all those people go to Apple.

    Now you say that people will just shop elsewhere, but that isn't going to be true either. Many people buy DVDs on either impulse or because they are cheap. Not everyone who would buy a DVD at Wal-Mart will suddenly be willing to another shop and pay $5 more.

    Now, Wal-Mart and Target won't pull everything at once, so I'm not sure exactly what they could do. But anything they do WILL be felt by the movie industry in the short run at least.

    And to those that say Apple won't put a dent in retail sales, you're wrong :)
    Maybe not this month, maybe not this year. But in a 100 years we will be downloading all our entertainment, which means that sometime between now and then SOMEONE is going to take over that distribution. If Wal-Mart is in no position to make that move to online, than they have to stall those that are as much as possible until they are able to get in the game.

    btw- how can Wal-mart make this claim about iTunes robbing retail when they themselves have an online music store. I'm not sure why a parallel can't be drawn between music and movies...


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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 25, 10:55 AM
    apple just updated their page to aperture 1.5.

    all the details there now

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  • Ja Di ksw
    Jan 19, 12:25 PM
    I would really, really love to have this. However, I have so little time for gaming right now I can't even complete the games I have for the Wii / DS (at least 4 games back log for both of them), so I don't know if I can justify an entire new system. On top of that money is insanely tight right now, as I'm trying to do uni in another country and we have no grant money right now and I'm not allowed to work here. Which is annoying b/c it looks so good. Ugh, guess I'll just stop by a store to drool over it once a month or so.

    I envy those that will have MarioKart on this, along with all the other games that I'm sure will be great.

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  • Cabbit
    Apr 5, 06:03 PM
    Yep, it's those pesky 25MB images and 1080P video that keep me at my desk with my iMac. I would love to be able to touch up my full-sized images on the iPad. Give it 5 years.

    I don't think it needs 5 years, the hardware is already powerful enough to handle image editing and sorting it just needs a well designed app and someway of assessing wireless storage.

    Jun 25, 07:20 AM
    Makes it look like awesome? Because that what mine looks like. :D

    Nov 27, 11:51 PM
    LMAO, is this a joke?? Has to be the dumbest thing I've read this month by a supposed adult.

    1) If he is an adult, as you claim, the least you could do is watch your tone and be respectful.

    2) I understand it perfectly fine. Just because you're not intellectually capable of understanding his point doesn't mean it's dumb. Quit being ignorant.

    Aug 19, 10:21 AM
    YEP! - But how many people say "do you have a Facebook" when you first meet them and add them later in the day? Also, haven't you heard about the privacy issues, you surely must not live under a rock!

    I dont add them.. I swear to you im not a grinch.. I just ignore it. unless I know people well.. I dont add them. Some of my co-workers I dont even add.

    If you trust someone enough to see all the things you do on facebook.. you should be able to trust they are not going to KILL or ROB you..

    Why do people add others they dont really know?? are we having a contest to see who has the most friends?

    Am I alone when only adding people I KNOW I will hang out with or talk to on a normal basis??

    Mar 11, 01:49 PM
    Best Buy Eldarado Frisco 5 of each Type


    Oct 12, 11:07 AM
    OSX alone is worth spending 10 grand on a laptop.

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