Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • petemc
    Sep 25, 09:59 AM
    how many of us actually care much about aperture...?

    Pro photographer using Aperture right here. I care :p

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  • GorgonPhone
    Mar 24, 08:55 PM
    great deal cause ipad 2 is only about 5% faster in real life.. nnot worth the mony

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  • 5hhhhh
    Apr 29, 03:53 AM
    It just happened that I can't open some pdf files anymore (preview, acrobat, whatever....)

    "file may be corrupt or can't recognize..." (preview)

    "damaged and could not be repaired" (acrobat)

    i guess that happens to files i want to "save to .pdf" after clicking "print"....

    (the other way round, to save a file to safari, open that, print and save to pdf, works...)

    hope you can help!!!!!

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  • burtx
    Feb 23, 03:21 PM
    Just make it so you can turn off the 15 minute unlock in the settings. It could even be defaulted to be off.


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  • twoodcc
    Apr 18, 10:04 AM
    Welcome gman20 to the team :)

    Your stats:

    Great to see some new users, also great to see our active users increase :D

    welcome to the team!

    yes it's great to see new users! we need as many as we can get!

    ok mines turned on :D ps3 will start the night shift tonight :D

    nice :)

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  • thatisme
    Mar 28, 05:38 PM
    I think you both just said exactly the same thing, so I'm not sure why Full of Win is arguing?

    If I shoot my 50mm 1.8 II through my 7d I am effectively multiplying the lenses focal length with the cameras crop factor to give the photographs field of view. ie 50x1.6=80.

    So focal length 50mm= field of view 80mm. (On a 1.6 crop)

    Allthough...This statement from thatisme 'So, you WILL get different focal lengths from 2 identically marked lenses where one is an EF-S lens and the other is an EF lens.' is false.

    You will, in fact, get two different Field of Views but the same Focal Length.

    Thanks for the correction, and good catch.

    So, for the OP, the difference between EF-sand EF lenses is that EF-S are lighter and cheaper and are tied to 1.6 sensor cameras. EF is more versatile since they work on all EF mount cameras (including EF-S). They can be very cheap or very expensive(and good) when you get into L series lenses.

    There is really no good reason to compare focal length or field of view between the two since construction wise, they are like apples and oranges.

    Where it becomes relevant, is when you have an EF lens, and you own different format cameras ( like I do). my 400mm 2.8 L IS lens is a true 400mm on my 5D mark II, and 520mm on my 1D mark IIn (1.3) and 640mm on my old 20D. I don't really care about the EF-S mount since it only applies to one of the 3 camera bodies.

    Is not true: a 50mm EF lens and a 50mm EF-s lens will have the same focal length and field of view on a crop camera.

    This is not correct.

    A EF-s 50 mm lens is 50 mm on a 1.6 camera. A 50mm EF lens on that same camera is similar in image to a 80mm EF-S lens. The reason for the difference comes into play by the amount of the lens the camera is using to record the image and the proximity of the rear element to the camera sensor.


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  • Horrortaxi
    Apr 2, 03:34 PM
    If you have been using a computer for the last 20 years, there is no question that Word currently is the way to go, it seems to be perfected.

    Word was perfected at least 12 years ago. Since then it's been a steady slide into very non-perfect bloatware. When you can't add any more useful features you have to add gimmicks I guess.

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  • Eraserhead
    Mar 26, 12:40 PM
    Why not just have high fuel taxes ala Europe?


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  • SwiftLives
    Jun 10, 01:19 PM
    Those of you hoping for T-Mobile should do a little bit of research into Mr. Wu's track record in Apple predictions.

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  • Frobozz
    Apr 5, 10:03 AM
    The xoom tied the iPad? That's a joke! And I say this because yes I have used a xoom. It was a pile of turd.


    I liked the way the interface was positioned on virtual panes. The transitions were nice and did help orient yourself in a physical space. BUt that's about it. The rest is a pile of Android garbage.

    I hate to be so harsh on Android. I really would like to see the UI improve. It's just so painfully obvious that Google doesn't really have strong top-down direction on streamlined user interfaces. It's run by developers who like tinkering and options. In other words, the OPPOSITE of what your consumer facing product interface should exude. I really believe it's a problem with design philosophy over there. Certainly, a rush to market is another large factor.


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  • fotografica
    Mar 30, 08:42 AM
    Varies greatly from station to station..

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  • Eraserhead
    Apr 9, 03:15 AM
    I always have to laugh a bit about American politics, on one side you have the liberal bunch working hard destroy the country economically,

    Yes, because the Democrats are actually a bunch of Marxists...

    Other organizations do that stuff also. The majority of Planned Parenthood's business is abortions.

    Not even remotely true. According to their Annual Report ( only 3% of their services relate to Abortion.

    70% of their services relate to contraception and STD's.


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  • Skika
    Dec 14, 07:54 AM
    Anyone thinks thats why they went a little overkill with the current resolution? So they can keep the same resolution on a 4 inch screen and still looks good plus no problems for apps and developers?

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  • ftaok
    Apr 1, 12:27 PM
    - FU$@ the network companies who control the cable companies so they can't offer ala carte programming knowing that nobody is going to subscribe to G4 or OWN or Hallmark... and let me go ala carte. I'll take the locals plus 10 channels at $1 per channel per month, please.

    Do you really think the channels would be priced at $1/channel? If they ever do go a la carte, channels would likely be priced at $5/channel. That way, the cable companies won't lose any money.

    The a la carte TV debate hasn't seen much action lately since the government has all sorts of other crap to worry about. But there are upsides and downsides to each side of the ALC debate.

    Pros - gives control to the consumer; potentially lower cost for the consumer (dubious at best)

    Cons - smaller networks wouldn't survive; most niche networks would become less focused in order to appeal to a wider demographic; diversity in program would be jeopardized.


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  • fairbanx
    Feb 24, 09:26 AM
    it says: "Lion Server is now part of Mac OS X Lion." hm, whatever!?

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  • Willis
    Mar 26, 04:04 PM
    I really don't think it's an iPad. Given how it appears to be a bright and sunny day and how much light can be seen reflecting off of most other surfaces, the "iPad's" surface seems too matte.

    iPad case?


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  • simulacra
    Dec 21, 02:24 PM
    RFID is insecure. The british RFID passports have been cracked within less than 48 hours, the German test ones in less than a day. I wouldn't trust RFID for any important and sensible information like payment services. It's fine for stuff like tracking packages or my skiing card - but that's it.

    And why is it insecure that a passport encryption has been cracked?
    Every passport has it's unique number and personal details, so even if a forgerer created a new passport to sell to some guy with shifty eyes the passport number returned when read would reveal the passport as false.

    I really cant understand the fright towards new technologies, yes sure, all in all, we are headed towards a future where tracking ppl becomes easy, but we've been down that road since we got social security id/personal numbers at birth.

    In the case with a RFID NFC reader in the iphone, your personal integrity has not been compromised beyond any extent compared to what it was before.
    This tech makes life easier and is not endangering our personal integrity anymore than it already is.

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  • LimeLite
    May 7, 11:46 PM
    What I am getting at by this post, is why are Mac people so biggoted against the PC. Another guy made a post somewhere else about how maybe one in fifteen PC users is anti Mac, but more like one in two Mac users is anti PC.

    1/15 PC Users X 95% Market Share = 6.3% of total market.

    1/2 Mac Users X 5% Market Share = 2.5% of total market.

    If your assumption of this is right, then...

    Conclusion: There are more bigotted PC Users than there are bigotted Mac Users. :D

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  • bwaltens
    Mar 11, 06:58 AM
    I may get to the southlake store around 1:30-2:30. Its in suburb, but its also kind of a rich area. Do you think I will be good to get a black 32 wifi?

    Apr 8, 09:47 PM
    If that's your ideology, you're selling yourself short by focusing just on Planned Parenthood. Don't forget about medicaid, social security, public education, and disability. In the name of not wanting to pay for other peoples' social services, might as well kill those too

    I am all for getting rid of those too. This topic was about PP, so I expressed my feelings for that colossal waste of money. I didn't want to stray too far off topic.

    Apr 5, 10:16 PM
    It will be interesting to see if Apple develops its own controller chip for ARM processors.

    I agree! They'll have to deal with flipping the endian-ness of the different architectures, the complete lack of a extensible interface like PCI-E on ARM too may pose a challenge.

    The idea of having a common connector like minidisplay port is quite awesome, and the utilization is all in the software control approach. Dual channel, full bidirectional, with the possibility of up to 4 protocols running simultaneously with very high data rates. Apple is just covering their future bases, and doing it very nicely.

    Yup, it'll be great if we manage to cut down the reams of connectors we have now to just a few TB and maybe USB ports. One port for all is a great idea, which has been tried in the past (i.e. USB's original intention), but USB was never designed well enough to become one-for-all. Just imagine having a Mac Mini attached to a 4TB disk array with an iTunes library on, daisy-chained to a HDTV. All through one thin cable, no messing about with X number of different cables all over the place. If you needed more storage, just add an extra disk into the daisy-chain.

    One post wanted everything to go thru a standard phone jack. Not at all likely or even possible.

    I saw that too, but forgot to reply in my previous post... @ the headphone jack poster: A standard headphone jack works with USB as it's got 4 wires, just one more than a normal set of headphones. Apple have an extra ring around the USB to jack cable, enabling USB transfer. It wouldn't be possible to add more than a few extra sleeves to the headphone jack without getting problems with interference and alignment. Displayport/Thunderbolt uses 20 pins, which would be quite a challenge to fit onto a jack plug. Though if Thunderbolt supports optical transmission, that could be used in a headphone jack, with the rings used for power only. Similar to the Toslink to headphone jack adapters. I'm not sure if TB does support future optical connections though. ;)

    Xian Zhu Xuande
    Apr 5, 10:27 AM
    Well, this is confusing.

    Last year Macrumors posters told me in no uncertain terms that CR is always wrong.

    So how am I supposed to take this news?
    To mean that CR has some degree of sanity?

    Same thought. Why cant people just (I know this sounds crazy) listen to CR when they make factually based reviews (i.e., iPhone 4 antenna design CAN lead to dropped calls). I hate this blind bias some folks have on here.
    I think some folks here have a legitimate gripe with CR. Of course there are plenty who don't even bother to think it through, hating them simply because they attacked an Apple product, but on that note they gave heavy weight to the antenna issue, did not do similar testing on other similar products (including those which clearly had similar issues), and continued to highlight the issue. It looks very much like a publicity grab.

    I'm not losing a moment of sleep over it, and I actually do use CR from time to time (though sometimes they've recommended trash to me), but it isn't right to give them a night of sweet loving just because they highlighted the iPad when it doesn't yet have real competition.

    Nov 18, 02:57 AM
    I like this iphone. the color and the shape. wonderful

    Apr 10, 04:09 PM

    Say something because I don't know what that picture is supposed to mean. Can I take it to mean you don't believe there's any benefit to cutting taxes? If so, you should just say it so I can tell you where you're wrong much faster.

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