Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • MacNut
    Apr 25, 11:21 AM
    Trump is a good businessman... which may be good for corporations if he gets elected. IMO though, what we need is a President who looks out for the people, not business.

    Either way, I don't see a Republican candidate winning at the moment. Obama, even with "low" ratings, has enough to win re-election.To be honest I don't think we will ever find a president that works for the people again. They love and need their rich donors to get elected.

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  • blackstarliner
    Oct 13, 03:43 AM
    my bet is they have several different manufacturers. with macbook split up between 2-3 builders.

    I thought it was common knowledge that due to the great demand* for MBs, Apple had to find a second manufacturer to meet orders. Hence all the delays a month or two ago. Is it just me or why haven't folk put 2 and 2 together?

    * despite being 'overpriced', 'obsolete' POS that no-one in their right mind would consider when you can have a dell with magical c2d for 300 bucks less? :confused:

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  • mortonm33
    Mar 11, 09:55 AM
    The roads are not great but it's doable. Will keep updating as more starts to happen.


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  • paeza
    Apr 5, 08:26 PM
    I wanna be a normal person!!!


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  • alent1234
    Mar 25, 09:48 AM
    Recipe and shopping list Palm / Windows Mobile apps like Pocket Cook date from 2000. That one in particular won awards for years.

    What you mean is, it wasn't until iOS that the mass public else took notice. Millions of us were surfing the web and using apps on PDAs, smartphones and tablets long before that.

    i remember they had add ons back then to get cell data, but it was expensive. did they have OTA contact and calendar sync?

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  • iRobby
    Mar 28, 06:28 PM
    WWDC 2011 is officially SOLD OUT on the apple site!


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  • Apple Corps
    Feb 18, 06:46 PM
    Very skillful in how Jobs face and legs are hidden. Im beginning to think the newspapers are right about his condition.

    Also, pretty tasteless to dress the way he does. I'm not a fan of Obama, but if I were to meet him and sit next to him for dinner, I would respect the office enough not no dress in freakin' turtle neck.

    Jobs has ZERO class, none.

    I noticed they were all wearing shirts / tops - must be trying to hide some chest condition :rolleyes:

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  • dongmin
    Sep 1, 01:16 AM (

    According to reports, Apple has already provided an update to their Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Preview that was distributed to developers at WWDC 2006. The update provides few details on the improvements provided:

    The 46.4MB release is simply entitled "Leopard Developer Preview Update 1.0" and updates Build 9A241 to Build 9A241e.

    Apple demonstrated ( Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard at WWDC, revealing some of the features that are expected. Mac OS X 10.5 is not expected to be released until Spring of 2007.Any word on the Super Secret Leopard Features???


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  • big
    Sep 13, 10:25 PM
    the double post is appreciated, that was the first time I have chuckled all day....

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  • decafjava
    May 6, 02:47 PM
    All I can say is we need a proportional voting system in Canada. :mad:


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  • calderone
    Apr 21, 11:57 PM
    About $4.50 right now in Chicago.

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  • xdhd350
    Aug 20, 05:21 PM
    The amount of stupidity in this thread is mind-blowing. Don't want people to know where you are? Don't check in. It's so simple.


    And LEARN to manage your FB privacy settings. Every friend should belong to some type of list, with privacy settings to match your comfort level.


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  • Dooger
    Mar 21, 07:52 PM
    It's up to innovative schools to decide whether, and how, iPads have a role in schools. They might have good uses in classrooms, libraries, labs, reading clubs, alongside computers, instead of computers, or who knows.

    Oh FFS, c'mon. No they're not. It's a locked-down, uni-tasking, big-ass ipod. Kids are gonna be carrying round something similar in their pockets. Computing isn't the amazing thing it was to us as kids, youths take this **** for granted so a big reader/web browser will interest them for literally seconds. Try and impart some intelligence on this argument cos so far I still haven't heard a good reason for the ipad's existence.

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  • boyplunder
    Oct 6, 11:07 AM
    Apps all run in the same format and screen size. Even the new retina display is only an enlargement of the original format, but shown at the higher resolution. Apps running on the iPad run at the native format, or specifically for the iPad format, which is different code.

    If Apple introduced a different sized screen, that would be a pain to the installed base and app developer. For this reason, I don't think it is true.


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  • Applejuiced
    Apr 15, 03:02 PM
    Only if you can get her laptop to broadcast and create a wifi hotspot using the USB sticks internet.

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  • migsev
    May 2, 12:03 PM
    Where is everyone getting a key for this?:confused:


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  • parenthesis
    Oct 26, 03:36 PM
    I loved Cool Edit back in the day (when it wasn't an Adobe property). I might have to check this out.

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  • Gasu E.
    Nov 14, 08:43 AM
    "Mummy, why is that man watching those naked people doing things to each other." :p

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  • Some_Big_Spoon
    Oct 26, 09:45 PM
    Very, very slick. Only problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to flag something as junk, or modify the buttons/icons at the top to flag/junk, ec messages. Any pointers?

    Mar 25, 04:55 AM
    I had a go on Pilotwings earlier in the week at my local GAME. I have to say that the 3D effect is a quite strange. Once you're holding it in the perfect position with the depth slider set just below full, the 3D effect is quite impressive; it really did look like the plane was in front of the screen flying into it.

    I started off with the slider set to zero and increased the depth slowly. It felt really odd to begin with and looked blurry, but once you're concentrating on it then the 3D effect is quite apparent. However, I found that if I looked away for a second my eyes had to refocus which felt quite strange. This is going to be a problem with games where you're constantly having to change your focus between the two screens.

    Overall, my eyes felt strained after only 5 - 10 minutes of playing. I'd like to have a longer go to see if you get used to it, but at the moment I'm not impressed. If your eyes can cope with it, then the 3D effect is quite impressive and I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it. I certainly wouldn't be letting kids under 10 near it even though Nintendo say 7+.


    Sep 15, 10:26 PM
    I hate to say this but, Intel really designed a good chip. The P4 still has alot of life in it even though the P5 is going to be introduced in 2nd QTR of 2003. The G4 either has to step aside for the Power4 or really get it's act together.

    Lesser Evets
    Apr 5, 10:34 AM
    Seems a bit early to have a finished iPT 5 hanging around. It's not on market for 6 months.

    That's because it is capacitive, meaning it is a surface that senses the ouch, not an actual button.

    Thanks for that explanation. I was curious about the term and how it was used.

    I always question the sanity of people who claim to question other peoples sanity of ridiculous things. :cool:
    I question everything and people say I am insane.

    Dec 12, 05:58 AM
    That seams like a great idea! But how can I use the mask and wand tool? Can anyone please teach me?

    Sep 15, 11:21 AM
    Originally posted by MisterMe

    I have not seen those posts, but then I have seen a lot of other bitching and moaning about one thing or another. Point No. 1: Although I don't have access to a 17" iMac, I do have Jaguar installed on my 2000 Firewire PowerBook G3. I don't see any of that choppiness and jerkiness that you mentioned. I would be astonished to find it on a faster machine like the 17" iMac. Point No. 2: Don't take anybody's word for it. Drive down to your nearest Apple retailer. Look at the machines yourself. That should end all arguments.

    I have a recent ibook running jaguar - it has had a clean install (twice) and, quite frankly, its annoyingly slow. This is a current mac, running its current os, and its hardly acceptable - running illustrator? expect the beach ball, the same with large word documents. And I still see the beachball with annoying frequency in the finder. I don't care that this isnt the top of the range 3,000 quid machine - it is stupid to only expect acceptable performance in Word on the top of the line machine. No, don't take my word for it, go have a look at a fully loaded i-book

    Again, have your actually seen this "choppiness" on that $2000 machine with the brand new OS? Now for the issue of MHz, browse the web sites of the expensive UNIX workstations and servers. Look at the clock speeds of the offerings from IBM, HP, SGI, and Sun. For the most part, you will see that their machines have clock speeds in the sub-GHz range. Yet these are the machines of choice when price is no object and the job must get done. Just think about this: these boards are filled with laments that effectively tell you that you need substaintially higher clock speeds to run a computer game than you need to simulate the gas flow in a jet engine. Don't you think that something is just a bit warped here?

    these machines are 64-bit, with floating point performance that widdles all over apples current offerings. The reason they are used is for this feature alone - and yepI would rather run my simulations on a sparc box than a pc, although the cost of a cheap linux box is pushing us down that route. At some point there is a balance between cost and performance. Yes it is odd that I need the fastest box around to run ut2k3 acceptably, and i agree there is something wrong with the way the market is being driven, but I suppose if thats what customers want (and are prepared to pay for), this is what they'll get....

    Think. Think. Think. Apple does not "appear" to be purposesly crippling its systems. The entirity of the corporation orbits about the Macintosh. No company would purposely cripple its central product. The fact that Apple is only one of two profitable personal computer manufacturers serve as loud testimony to the contrary. Just because a bunch of idle college students post things on the Internet does not make them so.

    never intentionally 'crippled' a machine? what about teh video card on teh ibook?

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