Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lumps in neck

lumps in neck. Of Lumps and Lipomas Not All
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  • Knowimagination
    Mar 6, 04:21 PM
    I noticed today that someone is already in line at the Knox Henderson store. They had a tent setup.

    Probably the same guy that was on the news before the iPhone 4 launch.

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  • Ish
    Mar 12, 10:01 AM
    I liked the first one much better. The angle and the background just don't work for me on this one.

    I agree. I was trying to show the time on the watch more clearly but it's not right.

    Two very different interpretations of apples and oranges. I prefer the second one of yours, JD. The top of the apple is more clear, there's more texture in the front orange and the red apple is clearer and reflects the light nicely and adds a bit of sparkle. I also like the contrast between the fruit and the black background and the subtle reflection in the surface.

    OK, my own submission for this challenge. With the utmost apologies to JD, I had to stick with the apples & oranges theme which is what had immediately occurred to me when we set this topic. I've tried to expand on the conceptual interpretation of apples & oranges with some more technical interpretations - a split b & w background, and an over-saturated and high contrast post treatment.

    I like the idea you have going here. I would like the saturation more realistic, but that's just me. Different framing and cropping come to mind. Maybe play off the differences in the textures and color, putting them closer and cropping or framing in tight. I may play with this idea when I can. I have nice oranges, but I need an apple. And the nice lighting setup you have.

    Please excuse the PhotoShop hack of your image...:)


    No apologies necessary. I think it's great when we have similar ideas implemented differently for these challenges. I very much like the color, textures and saturation. It gives it a very modern feel, especially with the very bold black and white. Like others have said, I'm not sold on the placement or the crop. I get what you were going for in emphasizing the contrasts though. Maybe a tighter crop? Maybe playing with where the black/white line falls in the frame? Maybe placing one fruit in the black and one in the white somehow. Not sure, I think a tighter crop would help the most.

    Great work.

    Another nice interpretation, Axis. Very different and the crisp black and white adds to the contrast. If I may make one or two suggestions, I might choose something like a very green Granny Smith apple and rub it with a soft cloth until it shone. The one in the pic looks a bit blotchy. That might allow you to turn down the intensity on the orange just a tad so it looks a bit more realistic.

    Also wondering what it would look like with the orange slightly in front of and overlapping the orange a little, then the view closed in a bit more on them. Just thoughts!

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  • Consequently, all breast lumps

  • eenu
    Sep 19, 07:20 PM
    What about a firmware update for the 24" iMac?

    and why would this be needed?

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  • newagemac
    Mar 24, 06:05 AM
    You should check out Air Video (the iOS app). It's the best solution I've found and with iOS 4.3 it works great for streaming all the .avi and .mkv movies on my HD to my apple TV via my iPhone.

    It goes (Air Video server on computer) -> iOS device -> Apple TV.

    It was probably the best $2.99 I've ever spent.

    Yep, this is an awesome app. You have to manually download the BETA version of Air Video Server for it to do Video Airplay though. The regular release does not support it.


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  • pig alot small lumps neck

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 22, 12:55 AM
    There's something online that says a month of Gold for $1, but I don't want to have to auto-renew after that not knowing the price.
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think in order to get the $1 deal, you have to be renewing your membership, not starting it. I don't remember exactly, but a friend of mine tried doing this a while back, and it didn't work. I just stick with the subscription cards for both Live and for MS Points.
    I have seen a 12-month card at Amazon for $35. They need an idiot's guide to this...
    Yea, if you look around, you can usually find the 12-month cards for under $40. As you found, Amazon is always a good place to start.
    Halo 3 so far is a little confusing because I have never used an Xbox controller and it's been years since I played a game like this.
    If you end up getting Xbox Live Gold, let me know if you want a co-op partner for some Halo. I'm always game for some Halo, and have played it a ton, so I can help you figure things out if you need. My gamertag is the same as my username here. I wish I could plug up my existing HDDs!
    If it connects with USB, you can. If you are wanting to use this for extra Xbox storage, make sure you have everything off the drive before doing this, because the Xbox will need to format it for use.
    So thanks again for the advice. If anybody knows something REALLY fun to play that isn't too expensive, I'd love to know.
    Not only are these some pretty affordable games, they also just happen to be 4 of my favorites as well. Can't go wrong there.

    Crackdown, $13

    Geometry Wars 2, $10

    Portal: Still Alive, $15

    Rez HD, $10

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  • pig alot small lumps neck

  • tpjunkie
    Sep 17, 09:35 AM
    aaahhh, relationship with benefits :p :D

    as her/him if she/he would like to rip your iPod. :D

    er that one seems a little painful...


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  • benji888
    Feb 24, 09:37 PM
    What a waste of taxpayers money. Here is a great idea, learn to be a parent!


    This is VERY SIMPLE people! The person with the iTunes account simply needs to SIGN OUT BEFORE handing the device to the child!!

    People in this country just don't want to take responsibility for their ignorance! And common sense seems to have gone away at the rapid pace of lawsuits over anything and everything over the last couple decades or so. ...maybe they did this on purpose because they thought they could sue Apple and get big $$$.

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  • pig alot small lumps neck

  • Natesac
    Mar 11, 01:53 PM
    By the sounds of it if you show up to willow bend this afternoon you will find out if you can get the model you want. They are keeping good tabs on the line.


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  • Symptom: Swelling in the Neck

  • zombitronic
    Mar 26, 04:05 PM
    Ya, actually one of the first things that popped into my mind about this is that it was planned to help both companies images and relationship seem better in the press!

    Judging by the body language I'd venture to guess whatever it was they were talking about Jobs had the upper hand.

    Just because their demeanor is civil does not mean their exchange is.

    STEVE: Do you have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?
    ERIC: Yes.

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  • Lumps that you of anxiety

  • menziep
    Sep 25, 10:52 AM
    The site has been updated!


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  • lhotka
    Mar 13, 07:04 PM
    Well, I have serious doubts that someone 'types in' the time for a network. I'm sure they have to configure the local towers to transmit the correct time zone, but that's not the same as typing in 2:00 AM and then waiting to the right second to press enter.

    Dates and times aren't stored as hours and minute - it's usually some form of julian date, probably transmitted in UTC. It's up to the local device to correctly convert it to local time.

    I note in passing that we're not hearing of any issues with regular phones - just iphones and other smart phones. Anyone have a basic phone show the wrong time?

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  • rovex
    Apr 27, 07:19 AM
    He's better than the McCain would have been in most things, but on a whole he gives in to the Republicans way too much. He passed their healthcare plan instead of one that would actually work, kept Guantanamo open, and as far as "National Security" goes he's about the same as Bush. So basically, he was the best of the two choices, but still not very good.

    "yes he can" lie.

    Obama is a joke. False hope and the naive people didn't think so.

    Trump's hair is seriously the mojo. Love it.


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  • and deep lumps formation

  • iZaid
    Oct 26, 03:28 PM
    I was hoping to get Leopard today for �5.95 because I qualify for Up-to-date but they wouldn't do it in store:eek:, online only:mad:, I have to wait til monday or tuesday to recieve it :(

    :rolleyes: i got a :apple: t-shirt though.

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  • Illuminated
    Apr 27, 04:25 PM
    He's an empty windbag...

    ...worse than Bush.


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  • Oppressed
    Apr 17, 08:56 AM
    First thing that comes to mind is Brasso, but an abrasive such as that might actually tarnish the matte coating around the scratches which would just make it worse. Long story short I think we may be out of luck.

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  • do male dobermans have lump on

  • Friscohoya
    Mar 24, 12:34 PM
    Funny. Who would have ever thought?


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  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:33 AM
    Wouldn't that be so annoying in the dark, like the backlight on the keyboard of a MBP when your watching a movie?

    I've thought about that but I personally cup my thumb around the bezel so I wouldn't notice it....

    Don't know how others hold it when surfing web/YouTube videos....

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  • Twe Foju
    Apr 23, 02:19 AM
    I think to dictate what people should or shouldn't do with their machines is silly. Search the forums and the internet. The Air has proven to be plenty capable as a gaming machine for it's size and has many satisfied users talking about it.

    A computer is certainly a tool, but it can also be a gaming machine, a home theater pc, an entertainment hub, etc.; whatever a user may find use for it for.

    Obviously, certain machines are better and worse at certain functions than others, but don't forget that this generation of MBA, there are people that actually did go out and buy the Air because one of the reasons is that it did happen to be a decent performer in games, while remaining ultra portable. In this case, I think the Air strikes an excellent balance between function and form.

    I use my Air for live music sets and this is exactly a scenario where such a BL KB would be grand. I read similar opinions from other musicians on this forum in another thread. Creative artists like live musicians can definitely find appropriate use for a backlit kb, but even average everyday users who don't share the same skill level as you would also benefit from it. If anything, adding convenience is always a welcome.

    If you don't want or need the backlit kb, then you could always turn it off. It's there for people who might need it. Win-win situation.

    You sir, just made my morning :D

    And i Think this thread should be rename into:

    Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt + HD3000 vs 320M


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  • DCstewieG
    Jun 18, 01:38 PM
    How beautiful would that be for Time Machine, particularly in a laptop?

    May 4, 12:00 AM
    Yeah Somalia has been at war for years and their technology has utterly skyrocketed.

    Fun fact: LED TV's were invented during wartime because our soldiers in Afghanistan were tired of hauling their 50 inch tube tv's through the desert.

    Those are all blanket statements that could be wrong depending on what example you use. IE the best Medical sensor out there is the MRI and it wasn't invented to detect bombs. Actually if you try to use an MRI to detect a bomb, there's a good chance you'll blow yourself up.

    Doesn't cancer immediately threaten lives?

    If you're going to present an argument, try not to reach to the bottom of the barrel and take it out of context.

    First of all, obviously the war we are talking about when large nations take part in it, not gang skirmishes.

    And besides all the historic military budget devoted to the "timeline of LED emergence", here's a recent DARPA accomplisment over the period of 10 years. That's right...since 2001! Afghanistan invasion!
    Universal Display Delivers Wrist-Mounted Flexible Phosphorescent OLED Display Prototypes to U.S. Army for Field Testing

    Obviously I'm just making a generalized argument and not talking about all "medical sensors" that exist.

    And I don't know what world you live in, but most ppl I've ever met never thought they would get cancer. Or at least not until they are very old when many ppl get it anyway b4 they die. Certainly not young ppl and in a couple of years.

    May 3, 04:26 AM
    Are you shooting in HD or SD? You can adjust the audio level in your clips. Make your adjustments, play it back to make sure its where you want it before you burn it. I usually drop it more because its easier to raise the volume on the tv.

    May 3, 10:36 AM
    Thanks for the link.

    Apr 12, 01:35 PM
    They actually confirmed that one. Turns out you can polish it :D

    Yes. Jamie got his to a mirror shine. Almost looked like a marble :p

    But back to Office. I still prefer the Windows version however the Mac version is starting to grow on me. Were it not for MS CRM that I use at work, I could finally be rid of Windows once and for all. But, alas, no dice. Love how CRM works ONLY with IE.

    Phil A.
    Mar 17, 04:21 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 4: Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    �6.00 an imperial gallon in the UK, which works out about $8 for each (smaller) US gallon

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